Collaborative workspace for teams & communities.

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Pack brings it all together.

Messaging + video/voice chat
+ shared collaborative apps

A dedicated workspace for communities
to coordinate, plan and socialize.

Welcome to the future

A new way to
work together

Shared Apps
Video & Voice
Web & Mobile
Software Automation

Stay organized

Pack is your tool for all things software, no code needed. It's easier than ever to create, customize, and reorganize your software.

Upload data and media to your app using Pack chat.
Knowledge base
Streamlined styling to change the app's look and feel
Custom Workflow

So many ways to
create your apps

Now you have the power to create software exactly the way you want. Create custom solutions for specific teams, projects, or your customers. Build custom workflows, with storage folders for any kinds of files, messages or interactive widgets.

Choose a layout that matches each team's purpose
Organize tasks using natural language or drag & drop
Create team chat channels for your organization


Interact with all your software in one place

Say goodbye to the overwhelming deluge of management and planning from multiple tools and clicking endless links to perform the most basic tasks.

Pack allows for instantaneous app notifications and user metrics right from the Pack Chat app. You’ll be able to respond to comments, get updates, review information and much more - all at lightning speed.

Discover new ideas for your business apps

The component directory is a digital marketplace that allows you to easily track down all the best features from the workflows that interest you.

Not only will you be first in line to check out new features for your app, you’ll also be able to effortlessly add them to your existing platforms, right within the Pack Chat app.

Timelines & schedules made easy

Pack's built-in calendar keeps track of all your upcoming events — even the ones you might have overlooked.

Pack provides you with an overview of all the discussions you're in, and gently remind about messages you haven’t responded to yet so you don’t miss a thing.

Introduce your users to new features and get their feedback

Pack's interactive feedback makes it easy to connect with users and gather all pertinent details in one place so you can quickly make improvements.

Integrated contact lists and groups

Pack is built around groups for all the people you communicate with regularly, and keeps a list of all the senders that have ever messaged you.

Runs on every device.

Available on

Runs on every device.

Available on